I’ve been promoted.

I now will get zero percent more leverage when leadership wants to hire more incompetent developers. 😬

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    I don't get it but good for you?
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    Congrats wwwwww
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    Rocks himself

    Pray the gays away
    Pray the gays away
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    @ScriptCoded I doubt it. It’s a natural thing. So at least that is good!

    But upper management and culture will not change. I doubt very much that this will become a non-toxic environment for me. I will do my best to create a positive and forward looking atmosphere based on trust. The problem is management and what management hire from the outside and what they think is needed. It is a bad thing and will probably not change.

    I will have to turn to the non-dark side of the org to turn myself around.

    Big corp. LOTS of oppertunity.

    I WILL die eventually. Then, someone..

    ”Explain all your decisions to me and maybe I will let you pass”

    Love to all. ♥️
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    Aslong as you got a raise then who cares 😉
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