This was a long time ago when I was a pizza delivery guy (summer job). One of my managers could barely handle any pressure. He would often lose it during the dinner rush. He was disorganized and never gave clear directions to his team. One night he totally blew up. He threw a large pizza shovel across the kitchen. It went crashing into the oven in a loud bang. This was in full view of customers on the other side of the counter and several of us workers, all in shock.
It was my last night there as I had handed in my resignation letter two weeks prior. Boy was I glad to get out of there

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    The sheer youth speaking of you when I hear you stayed after resignation in a pizza place.
    A pizza place.
    I'd hand inleave and be gone.
    Though there were employers where I felt responsible for the 'damage' I would have caused if I left without a beep. And I stayed.
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    If I were you, @scor, I'd rather be me.

    Yadda yadda, @scor is the best and knows it all.
    God I hate that guy.
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    @scor I know, I know I have a tendency to put up with too much. Until I let it all out and then it gets ugly. Typical introvert I guess…
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    @scor you risk having to compensate if you don't follow the notice period though
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    @electrineer exactly. The two week notice was a legal obligation
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    With a pizza bodega.
    They've got lawyers man.
    Bad lawyers.
    For salary that they don't pay either.

    All companies I've left knew they were societal sinkholes. They weren't even ashamed of their shit anymore.
    Outright spineless crooks they were.
    People died for the fuck ups they presented.
    Then talked shit behind leaving people's backs. As if one weren't glad enough to leave, they even helped burning bridges, thank krishnah.
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    @scor they can freeze the money from the last payslip. But yeah, that's assuming they pay anyway. And especially if the employee is not part of a union.
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    I honestly feel a little bad for the boss. Sounds like he ended in a situation he had no idea how to handle. Still an asshole though and not a excuse to flip out on staff and customers.
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