I'm wondering if I should buy a ~1800usd/year bare-metal server to put ALL my random websites/projects/app-backends, instead of buying VPSes here and there

But the thought "all eggs in 1 basket" is kinda scary -.-

And no, buying a static IP and hooking it to a home-server ain't happening (unfortunately), coz I move around a lot

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    I static IP and home serve. Having all the power and all the risk is an addictive high. Of course, cloud backups for Docker volumes are a thing too.
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    What kind of server specs are you looking for?

    1800 usd/year seems a bit high for a personal bare metal server
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    @Augmental my 'home' aint static tho ;-;

    @nemetepst something around
    Intel-Xeon silver/gold,
    32/64gb RAM,
    2TB+ hdd/ssd, whichever gives me more storage
    preferable unlimited 10mbps+ line, but ive rarely seen em, so a 5tb/month bandwidth would work too

    since it's for ALL the random projects I have, which include a few crawllers/aggregators (that serve as app-backends), so this much would be ideal with enough room to grow without me worrying about hiccups in service

    @Linux backups cost more -,-
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    @azuredivay I have been using Hetzner for hosting my bare metal servers, I haven't experienced any problems with their service so in ~4 years I've been using them.

    They have Intel Xeon servers that are around 1000 usd/year (https://hetzner.com/dedicated-roots...)

    And if you want total overkill for 1500 usd (https://hetzner.com/dedicated-roots...)

    They also include backup boxes with Xeon servers for free if I remember correctly (not 100% sure)
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    Also I forgot to add you have 20TB of free traffic and then it's 1€/TB
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    @nemetepst hohhhh :o I was divided between Hetzner and Ovi, but might lean towards Hetzner if it's for 4y of exp-stamp xD Thanks a tonne!
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    @azuredivay No problem :D

    For backups you can also look into S3 cold storage, currently my servers do backups daily to storage box and weekly to S3 cold storage - I have some services that people depend on and data loss is not an option.

    If you just have personal non critical stuff weekly backups to the storage box will be enough and maybe a monthly S3 cold storage backup
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    Just place ur raspberry in a public mall they wont find it trust me
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