So apparently there's a trend in non-educational games teaching kids how to handle real life crisis.

Last week I witnessed a 14 yo girl handling an anxiety attack of a grown ass person and she learned that from Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - https://devrant.com/rants/6229469/...

Now I hear 12 years ago there was a boy who saved his sister from a moose attack by... taunting - a skill he learned from World of Warcraft: https://nextnature.net/story/2010/...

Anyone has more stories like this?

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    Playing DotA 2 taught me to cope with high level of stress and immense pressure 😭
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    I learned from turn based RPGs, that in a fight, I have to wait for my turn to perform an action. I suck at fighting.
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    Formula One on PlayStation taught me how to jam the track so that all opponents stop behind me in a queue. Now I form queues in public that lead to nowhere. Sometimes the queue stays in place even after I leave.
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    There are games that teach people to fight their own cancer cells. Doctors get hand eye coordination skills by playing video games. It helps with doing the robotic surgeries.

    I really enjoyed this book:


    I need to read it again.
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    @Demolishun i read it as well. I can't make myself believe that gamification will safe the world, but i like it when ppl have a vision. I got the impression that all her projects are dead by now though or am i wrong ?
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    @horus Dunno. But I have talked to mental health professionals and the reward system for achieving goals reinforces the behavior. So it can help form positive habits.
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    @Denolishun That's for sure. But her theory goes beyond that: that what makes us motivated to succeed in games is the predictability of the rewards. A clear ruleset what obstacle has to be overcome to get wich reward. She assumes, that we would be able to change our reality way more efficiently if we could wrap it's challenges in such a system (=gamification) even on large scale global problems. I would argue that the contrary is tha case - through games and such we get used to gain success in such a safe environment and get more and more alienated from the idea to gain rewards in the far more unsecure and unpredictable challenges of the real life. Fuck Real life.
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    @horus IMHO it's even worse. Playing games gets us used to the rush of immediate gratification making anything requiring work insufferable and making games gets us used to the idea of simplifying concepts while simplifying real life issues means cutting off inconvenient conditions or making convenient assumptions where either disqualifies the resulting solution as feasible. 🤷‍♂️ Life is gamified enough: you train = you gain muscle, you are on a diet = you get lean, you work more = you earn more. There's some RND involved but in general terms it works (statistically confirmed). People know this and they don't do it (also statistically confirmed).
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