So today one of my friend asked me to do an app for him and finally share 50 percent of the profit that I get. His idea is to build an app that can measure air pollution level, water pollution level, soil fertility range. I was like "what the hell!"... The beauty is that he wants me to pay him 50 percent for giving such (stupid, retarded) idea.

Wondering when these "startup idea guys" will realize that ideas are cheap but execution is worth the millions! Fed-up with such stupid people.

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    I am sure there is an api for some sort for this.
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    Ya I agree but then no pay startup idea guys are really irritating... They are driving me crazy...
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    You're right in that there's more idea guys than developers to develop their silly ideas. For free.
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    How I usually reply, if the idea is viable: ok, if I implement it you do the rest, meaning taking care of the marketing, business, as well as investing your money in this project. Btw I think this will take X amount of months and my current job pays Y/month. So...
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    Ask money upfront for dev cost, and make 0 profit :)
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    Are there any sensors in the phone that measure pollution levels ?
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    @sam9669 no you would have to attach an external one via microUSB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Don't re-invent the wheel.

    And then just read out the values in a nice GUI :)
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    Dunno. Cuz I have No Idea! 😂
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    MaaS. Muting as a Service.
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    Actually startups ARE ideas. But only good ideas, that only look good after a tad bit of funding for developers to write the first drafts as a proof of concept.
    Paying 100% in stocks isn't real even for excellent startup ideas that already bring some revenue and show growth.

    I'm sorry. I'm boring. But this is just some insight from a ... startup veteran (makes me laugh when I say this)
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    This reminds me of an artist making a shit painting and demanding it's worth thousands.
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    I was approached by 3 guys who wanted to create a tracking product for the trucking industry... They wanted to pay me $0 and 15% stake, had no idea how the infrastructure would even look, and had no money to fund the hardware for R&D. Best part is that they wanted me to sign an NDA and Non-compete on the spot after telling me everything, and that each of them would have 25% stake.
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    @chaz042 yeah that's ridiculous. I've been self funding part of the development of my own startup while developing the rest myself. After I got enough users secured I'll be approaching decent developers to join, of course not without stock+salary
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    If he is paying you for making that, it's still viable, Then it's just like a contract Project, Never make it for free, I wish someone told me this, I would love to punch him in face.
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