"My code works, but I have no idea as to why or how. Even StackOverflow says it shouldn't work." -Me

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    Are you secretly Markus Persson?
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    Welcome to devRant!
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    @Cyanite the only thing you could blame him for is to choose Java for a sandbox 3D game
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    I said the same thing in a post on my game FAQ about why I'm using Java.

    Talking about how Java is fine for games, but there are some things it's not cut out for.
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    @Cyanite I know the reasons why people are using Java, but I don't get why exactly they're using Java

    I'd use any other JVM language over Java, but in the end: that's really just personal preference. If you like Java: sure, go with it if it works for me. I personally can't stand the language (really just the language, not the VM it's running on)
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    You doing Javascript? You could try Elm
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