Give up. Share Target API is already on Android, even in garbage like Samsung Internet. Desktop native apps are already history, mobile apps are sure to follow. Led by Apple Silicon, we will add JS-specific hardware to the CPUs and conquer the world. JavaScript will be the only language, with an exception being C and Lisp.

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    Throwing HW at a SW problem.
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    @Lensflare the only sw problem is native windows apps
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    "The world's first HTML5 accelerator--"

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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    I'm kinda ok with that.
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    Truncating float to int conversion isn't really a purely JavaScript-specific thing. Pretty sure, that instruction can speed up a lot of other software too as soon as compilers/interpreters and standard libraries start using it.
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    I fail to see the point thought doesn’t most web browsers hardware acceleration “offload” compute to GPUs? Why the hell would you need a dedicated expansion card? Isn’t the market (nvidia, amd) happy to jump on that ahead of time and add units for that?
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    @KALALEX They offload some CSS animations and occasionally layout, the vast majority of tasks is not vectorizable so the CPU is better at it.
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