Website design philosophies:

Apple: "...and a really big picture there, and a really big picture there, and a really big picture there, and..."

Microsoft: "border-radius:0 !important;"

Google: "EVERYTHING MOVES!!! And most websites get material design. Most."

Amazon: "We're slowly moving away from 2009"

Wix: "How can we further increase load times?"

Literally any download site: "Click here! No, click here! Nononono!! Click here!!..."

Facebook: "We can't change anything because our main age demographic is around 55"

University websites: "That information isn't hard enough to find yet. Decrease the search accuracy and increase broken links."

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    I wonder of this is the real conversation happening behind the scenes. It would stress the heck out of the engineers
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    What is wix? Sounds like a porn site in German
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    @jerome724 I see material design. I give ++
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    Me: Make sure it looks nice on lynx 😂
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    @CSaratakij I'm actually working on a project for BSD that has lynx support as a feature, isn't that difficult
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    The university one is so true. I've been here for a year now and I still can't get around their piece of shit site. It's like going through a labyrinth
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    Me: Some hover transition here some material design shadows there
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    The facebook one is not only true but probably legit aswell
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    @andros705 yeah, with code instead of that fucking bullshit ui
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    So true!
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    @Huuugo one of the reasons why it will never be a solution i would propose for clients with little budget. Webflow sounds way better.
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    @jschmold I used to date a girl, until I found out she made all her "sites" using wix..

    Granted she titled herself as a designer, but still...

    Wix in short: drag & drop looking fine on the facade but.. Just don't look behind it.
    Unless you are some kind of masochist, loving eye bleeding that is.
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    Medium : "You're fired! The line height was supposedly 33px not 34px. And your CSS is too main stream!"
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    @andros705 every fucking time
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    Devrant : desktop ? People still use that ?
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    The download site one xDDD
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    Now you are applicable for devRant stress ball. Go get it.
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    The University thing is so true.
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    Download sites... So true
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    As someone considering a CC to learn the university one is so accurate.
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    Haha that Amazon one is brilliant!
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    Summed up the whole web world in a post
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    I'd add that Facebook also mute feature development as a lot of the time it costs them a lot in data and traffic so they probably have to look at everything with cost benefit shades.
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    The only reason I came to this thread 3 years later is to professor my utter contempt and undying white-hot hatred all-things that are the absolute dumpster fire that is material design.

    God damn do I hate it. If hell exists, may the creators of material design burn in it forever. Or be subjected to material design for eternity, whichever turns out to be worse.
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    I really gotta start proofreading.
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    Granted she titled herself as a designer, but still...
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    so accurate...
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