Apparently Android Pay released for Canadians some time ago, because it's on the front page of the google play store. I really want to use it cause remembering to carry a card around is tough work, but I'm failing the safetynet check.

My only choice, it seems is to revert to a system where I don't have root. I was thinking of installing lineageos, but I'd be giving up some pretty serious things that I've gotten into with Resurrection Remix.

The fling navbar would be gone, I'd probably be able to deal with that but I just find it a way nicer experience than the traditional android navbar.

I might not be able to use Google Assistant, not sure if Lineage has it

And (worst of all), if I revert to a system without root, I won't be able to use my system-wide dark mode from substratum (I'd also be losing battery optimizing features from greenify, which is just another downside)

Existing Android Pay users, is this worth it?

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    I've got LineageOS with Android Pay, Google Assistant and Pixel Launcher. No issues and passed SafetyNet providing you don't install the root binaries.
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    @jtaylor69 Yeah, most of the things I do could be preserved, I'm not flaunting tons of mods (May be because xposed isn't on nougat but that's besides the point). But my systemwide dark mode & battery optimizations would be gone. Is Pay worth that?
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    I often find that most transactions I do now, are via my phone.
    I've used my bank card once in the last 5 months, which was because it was a large payment not allowed to be used with contactless.
    Additionally, I've had a change in card number, which was automatically reflected in Android Pay (didn't have to enter details again)

    LineageOS does have some battery saving tricks up its sleeve. In the battery menu, there is different performance profiles too.
    I'm not sure about themes as I haven't installed Substratum
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    @jtaylor69 That's why I kinda want it, it just seems really convenient, though I'm not sure if I'm wiling to give up all the stuff that I can customize with RR.

    Thanks for the opinion, I might just wait for MultiROM to get Nougat support, install lineage with that and hope that safetynet accepts it and get the best of both worlds!
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    @Redrield Use Lineage with Magisk Root! That passed safety net for me
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    As @andrebreda says, and I'm second with it. I'm running Magisk with LineageOS and it works like a charm (SafetyNet included)
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    @andrebreda huh, I thought safetynet could detect systemless rooting. Also, thanks for the suggestion
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    Resurrection Remix is actually based on LineageOS, just with a few improvements of settings. You can use Magisk root instead and SafetyNet won't be affected.
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    @t4ils figured that out after the fact, yay me! Unfortunately it seems like either my whole bank or my specific card doesn't support Pay yet, so I've got to be a physical card heathen.
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