I really like how Opera Mini says it has an AdBlocker implemented, yet the app 'Contains Ads' according to Google. Guess it's not an effective blocker.

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    I'm pretty sure ads on sites don't count, just ads from the app itself.
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    @calmyourtities I should have added a #kappa or #jk tag too ;)
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    That is not how it works..
    This app will suggest​ other apps, i believe they do have some stuff on the settings, they also recommend​ websites.

    Their Adblocker will block stuff when you navigate sites,not when you navigate the app.

    You can always download adblockbrowser, or Firefox and install AdBlock plus extension on it, I have the latter.
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    Opera Mini is the web dev's nightmare. Don't use it!
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    @mundo03 Thanks bro, I know what it means, I was tryin' to be sarcastic and funny, as I can see, devs neither can be it, nor understand it.
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    @thefluffybro no dude that's not how it works!

    Well though as it's kind of the topic here just so you know Brave browser is not really bad too.
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    @thefluffybro yeah, its hard, just like life.
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    @thefluffybro you were doing it again with the "devs can neither be..." stuff, right? 😋
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