The first job I had, asked me to build a simple CRUD functionality in CodeIgniter (It was popular in 2017).

I wasn't able to understand the framework and its ins and outs.
(I only knew Core PHP at that point).

It took me 3 days to finish the task and I got yelled at by the team leader because of it and I almost broke down crying. At that point I was convinced that web development career isn't for me.

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    I'm sorry this happened - the TL was a jerk.

    Silver lining is that you have evaded becoming a php dev :p
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    @netikras Thanks but I'm still a PHP dev lol.

    I work with Laravel which still puts me in PHP category.
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    TL def a jerk. Learning a framework and getting something up and running in three days, as your first days in your first job, is pretty decent. TL->type()->text() === 'jerk' .
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