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    So sad that you can't trust your colleagues.
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    I always change to a less privileged account and keep it open. I have a keylogger and video capture as soon as the mouse moves. Got A LOT of useful information about the true nature of people I even considered friends.
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    @mariuskaunietis trust no one 😈
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    We have a policy at our workplace to not leave your computer unlocked when you're not there and certainly not for the whole night.
    If they do it, it's the responsibility of anyone who found it unlocked to post something funny on their logged in Facebook account or send a weird mail to everyone in the team.
    Last week a funny harassment complaint was sent against the team manager to everyone from an unlocked and unattended PC. (The team manager was present there)
    The simple rule is to keep it funny, shouldn't hurt feelings, but should be embarrassing enough to not let them do it again.

    First time I saw this (I am new here), I started taking my work laptop home.
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    Try adding the Sanger.dk to the home screen and make it fullscreen..
    Did that in 4 computers at work... Was called to clean the virus...
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