Wow, some guys here have the means to travel to the future!! Cool!! I too want some of that action!

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    Yeah that's me lol. I saw the wk350 question and just posted.

    I guess its a timezone thing ?? Not sure though.
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    I've would have peed on that elephant to show dominance and walked away leaving the elephant considering life choices. Fuck him with his long nose. It's just weird.
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    retoorded much?
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    I broke prime factorization. Stole a trillion dollars from the banks. Gave it to sid2006 to build a time machine.


    what amazing things did you find on your travels to the future?
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    @Wisecrack I found that PHP is still trash and 255,543 new JavaScript frameworks released.
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    @Sid2006 "255,543 new JavaScript frameworks released."

    A new STD is invented every day.
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    curiously enough, it's already Wednesday and I still see wk349 as the current week :)
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    i havent changed my mind on HR crew, ANAL PLUGS for all of them ... ANAL PLUGS
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