Javascript and Java.

Imagine java is an indigenous language to an island spoken by everyone there.

A non-native visits, and in order to understand them they need to decode their java into meanings and reapply those meanings to their own language.

More non-natives start visiting more and more often, and the javanese naively welcome them in.

The natives happily create trinkets and souvenirs for the tourists, and a market starts forming. The docks get busier every day.

Soon it appears that there are more non-natives on the island than natives, and their polity of origin starts to lay claim to their land.

Fights and legal altercations become common.

Some of the native javanese begin to modify their language to meet the colonists halfway, and some of the colonists begin to learn this new language.

They begin to understand each other more fundamentally and tensions fade.

Meanwhile, the more stoic javanese retain their claim to the island, and fight the pidgin "rebels".

The island splits into Java and Papua New Java. The populace of both claiming having nothing much to do with the other.

Nothing but fun and funerals for any new tourism.

It's so sad.

Let's Make Java Great Again.
Let's Make Papua New Java Great Again.

Let's build a wall.

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