Effective 1:1s are perhaps the most important soft skill that no one teaches you.

The HR onboarding section for 1:1s is only chapter one. But your manager won't teach you, your skip level won't teach you, and your mentor won't teach you. At best one of them even has an effective 1:1 skill set.

90% of 1:1s become operations: What went wrong this week and what needs to happen next week. Basically a private standup.

You attend 1:1s all year and yet somehow your manager doesn't know the difficulties you overcame, what you'd like to change, or how you're pushing yourself to grow. Then you get re-orged to a new manager.

If like to meet someone with effective 1:1s *and* low job satisfaction.

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    1:1s are pretty easy. No group effects and only a single human to adjust to.

    Group meetings are really hard to get effective though.
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    Multiple times a year? Ew
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    I view them mostly as way of venting work concerns, job satisfaction, practical office issues, personal issues.

    my last 1:1 we talked about if I wanted to try a new project, that I might come into the office lore often if we had better monitors, and if I felt stress working for two PO:s

    Never really thought of if they are "effective" or seen them as a skill
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