I've been a Macbook user for over a decade, after the initial disappointment of the 2016 MacBook Pro release I decided to move to a PC, against my better judgement I decided to buy a new Dell XPS 15, after reading all the reviews praising it's build quality and performance + it seems to have good hardware for Linux compatibility.
Soo much regret, I couldn't be more disappointed, it's such a piece of shit, I admit I probably got a bad egg, but dealing with Dell support is like pulling hairs from my testicle sack. If I have to pay an extra $500-$1000 on my next laptop for an "Apple Tax" to get a product that has been through proper quality control and has awsome customer service so be it, last time I try something new.
BTW I'm not a PC hater, I just wish more companies made high quality products.

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    I hate those "do the least but acceptable" companies... sure Apple is f-ing expensive but quality kind of follows
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    Just a whole bunch of QC issues, it has a wobble when sitting on a flat surface, The right enter and shift keys are at different heights than the rest of the keys, the trackpad is slightly raised on the right side (enough to catch your fingers when move then on to the trackpad). and it just seems buggy, probably a windows thing, but ive had 3 BSOD in the last 2 months. and my model came with some shitty Toshiba SSD that is half the speed of the Samsung one its supposed to come with.
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    Never had any issues with dell support.
    If all fails try tweeting them and your problem will be solved in no time.
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    @tw17 the surface line from Microsoft is solid, though Linux can be work to get right.
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    Quality WAS the plus for Apple products...
    But shit... I can get the same ear phones they sell for 100$ for less than 5
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    i dont think apple produces quite as many macbooks as dell laptops, and the price comparison is more than $500-$1000 for a decent one. Both have quality control, the volume of production changes the outcome and you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones. They do give you a full replacement if the concern is valid, try asking for it.
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    @tw17 wow, that's some serious shit. Are you sure you got the real deal? Because not even the shittiest Lenovos have such big issues. Working with several laptops in the past, and a macbook, I can say that the only thing that's better on the Macbook in terms of build, is that the screen/lid isn't flimsy. That's it. Everything else, from cheap crap from Lenovo and Acer, to high-end gaming laptops, have had no build issues. And from what I understand, the Asus Zenbook Pro, Dell XPS 15, and Razer Stealth Pro, have a much better build quality than the laptops I've worked with.
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    @apisarenco I have a Lenovo flex and it's great! 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, i7 processor, AMD Radeon GPU, and just for $800. It's better than both my old Toshiba's and Dell's, and about 1 centimeter thick. Lenovo is about the only company I've never had a problem with.
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    Dells have a reputation of behing a lotarry...
    And don't get me started on hp
    Bought a HP laptop for my ex
    One month latter the cable was broken (bad shilding)
    HP wouldn't take it back, asked 100 euros for a new cable or I had to make an enshurance for the same value
    Made the enshurance, replaced cable like 5 times with no extra charge.
    Guess it got more expensive for them then just sell a cable at a better price
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    @calmyourtities to be fair, Intel calling that line of CPUs i7s is a disservice to the i7 line. They've gone too far a few years back and putting "i5" on laptops that only had 2 cores. 2 cores = Pentium. 2 cores with HT = i3. 4 cores = i5. 4 cores with HT = i7.

    And now we got to this ridiculous point where you have a .... "i7" with just 2 cores. So now manufacturers get to put crap CPUs in their lineup, and in the spec sheets they write "latest generation Intel Core i7 for ultimate performance", and when you run it, it's actually crap.
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