I coded for a whole day (uninterrupted, literally woke up, grabbed my laptop and headphones and started) and suddenly, let wild parent shows up.
"Aren't you going to go out? You need to see some friends"
My response: As stated before, I have no friends, now leave
**Comes back 2 hours later**
"Hey can you help me with my computer?"
Me: you didn't state the issue, what computer, what os, what you have done to fix it, have you even tried rebooting?
"Don't talk like that to me! Now come and help me!"
Me: nope, hint, answer the questions about your issue
"You rude piece of..."
**Starts screaming bla bla bla**

Wow, it has happened before that I treat people wanting help like me trying to debug, but I usually correct myself. I took it way to fucking far this time...

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    I genuinely feel you here... My situation (≈parents) isn't as shitty as yours but still I understand your issue perfectly 😞
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    I ask what's wrong and the response I get is "come and look". If you can't tell me what the problem is, then it must not be that important.
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    @psion1369 that is my parents. Every. Goddamn. Time.
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    @mrtnrdl exactly! I got deadlines mate, so are you trying to bring unnecessary crap into my life? Do you want to get help? Cause that ain't how to get help
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    Here is a good solution. Get your own place.
    There is no reason to be rude to ppl. A smile and a polite response will go so much further.
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    I think you are rude! I don't like your attitude... You have to respect your parents and take care of them... I don't like to hire (or work with) someone with this attitude...
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    I don't git why you have no friends.
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    I dunno man they’re still your parents. Everyone has issues with their parents but imho still gotta be respectful to them no matter how annoying.
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    Hey boy,
    in the real world a few people understand computer like you do.
    Pay some respect to your parent and move your ass to help with whatever annoys them. After you get what's wrong, you can prioritize, if it's a multi hours job, it's understandable. I d that too.
    You still owe them life, comfort and food after all.
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    @ajmada indeed, and I'm too young to move out now but this is a ranting community so that's my rant :/
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    @Badr I do still help em, just that things like this really get on my nerves
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    @jschmold well, I am from the middle East (but been living my whole life in Sweden) and I can tell you, my dad is like that and it's supportive, but my mother expects tech support 24/7 and me to know the answer to every possible question about computers and know the issues before they occur.
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    @RAZERZ so you should thank her that she trust you at least and asking you not the real technical support people... Shame on you :/
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    @jschmold excuses excuses excuses
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    True, they are not techies and for what its worth, they taught you how to hold a spoon. Honour is due
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    That happens a to me sometimes, is usually a automated response, when I'm in the zone, i go in full auto mode so that i have no clue about my surroundings at all
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