After paying 3 years in advance to my host, some emails of the owner of a project I work with (very small thing, but still..) began to disappear. She doesn't receive the messages and neither the person who sends receives a error message. I've contacted them but no one could found out what is happening.

In this meantime, I had to change the PHP version (there is a version control in their cPanel). Just after changing, Mysqli and PDO stopped working. It took about 4 to 5 days for them to fixed it (shared host).

Back to today, I needed to send and receive lots of emails of this project. As we are losing tons of legitimates mails, we started to cc our personal emails to avoid misscomunication (deadlines are very important). Of course, exactly today, Microsoft's​ mail stopped accepting any emails of our host IP, as it appears someone has an Trojan hosted there. Of course, except me, everyone else personal email address are Outlook.com.

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    Sounds tough. Worked on the hosting side of things for a bit. Wondering if you had them examine the logs of email sent out when you got blacklisted sometimes it helps determine what may be causing it. But other times it could just be the mail server the email is being sent out from. Though if on a shared I am assuming your host rotates them. Also sorry for rambling on.
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    I'm gonna slowly migrate to VPS instead. Shared hosting sucks because you sign up when speed is good, and then they get 2000 clients on a single server and you can't even load the login screen of your blog.
    There are some cheap ARM-based VPS servers available. Even if they're slow, their speed is reliable and they always deliver, for the same price as shared hosting.
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    @DebRogue I do not have access to any logs. I mean, I took a look on every log file I have access, but nothing about these emails.

    I gave them permission to open and look everything. Get inside, read emails, what they need to, but nothing was fixed by the second time. They just say they could not found out anything.

    Thanks, DebRogue! :)

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    @apisarenco these things are a bit expensive here, but I am beginning to take a look in them, too.
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