Does anyone​ else hates when people use a phone to take a picture of their screen instead of taking a screenshot?

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    But if the person wanna show the screen size, pixel ratio, how the same image fits in his screen then ok
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    It doesn't bother me as much as when people print out a screenshot then fax it to us....
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    @g-m-f most apps have a desktop version as well, heck many have a browser version too, you don't need to install shit. So there is no need to send it over email, all it takes is pressing printscreen and then pasting it :)
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    Whenever you see someone doing this imagine they are in an old spy movie stealing state secrets for the Russians.

    You should immediately stop what you're doing and play along by running counter surveillance on them.

    Should make for an interesting afternoon.
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    @jAsE wow you need to learn to read because 1) he didn't say anything, he wrote it and 2) correct me if I'm wrong but I think he didn't say BLAH at all, let alone 6 times.
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    you had me @ "Does anyone​ else hates when people use a phone " ..its not used as a phone anymore.. ppl are taking pics of f**king cactus plants while driving and txting them to not sure who.. who in gods name wants to see a pic of a cactus plant?
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    @bondman well i would be amazed if someone sent me a pic of cactus. It will be weird though.
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    I really hate this too... There's a fucking button on your keyboard called 'PrtnScr' or something similar... Even on phones you can take proper screenshots...
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