So, my boyfriend's phone was stolen and my Google Drive account was synced on that phone. Also noticed that someone attempted to change my Gmail account. That dimwit does not know to whom he's messing with. Huh! I'm going to hunt that son of a gun and will make his life be tormented in hell! Muhuhuhahahahaha!

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    If they were stupid enough not to change accounts, just go on Google Timeline and see where they go, where they sleep, etc.
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    Hell hath no fury like a pissed off techie
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    Subscripting (I want to see how this turns out)
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    @jakej5 Subscripting - when a developer subscribes through a script.
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    I would go to police and not mess with thieves but that's probably just me avoiding trouble.
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    One of the janitors earlier this year stole my phone. After a 3 days investigation and my Google account. We were able to locate the phone 😬
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    Subin' for updates
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    Reminds me about this one :D

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    Give'em hell, girl! 👊 (and no that was NOT a reference to fisting!!)
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    @uziiuzair oooh, that's nice. thanks tho for the head's up :)
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    @linuxxx HAHAHA! just googled the meaning of fisting. OMG
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    @coffeeneia I am so sorry you know what that means now. Somethings you can not unlearn.
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    Tried Google Find My Device

    Can't reach device :/
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    @coffeeneia if i'm not mistaken, you should be able to see from which IP the thief tried to log in, it will at least tell you in what geographic region it was attempted (assuming the thief is as dumb as they come)... If you have your IMEI number you can request your telecom operator to brick your phone... Correct me if i'm wrong here!
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    @NeatNerdPrime okies will try that. thanks! :)
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    @Gatgeagent Can't reach device. Tried https://findmymobile.samsung.com/ , and clicked Find the Device it says, "The function will be executed when the device is connected to the network." Probably, the user has not connected to the internet as of the moment. Waiting in vain starts...
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    @coffeeneia try Google Timeline, trust me. Device Manager only reports current position, but Timeline shows you every move in the past. You can figure out where they live, work, etc.
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    I have kaspersky installed with remote access feature. I can remotely detect location, lock the phone, make it ring the siren at full volume until battery dies, or he switches off the phone, or I can wipe it clean.
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