As an emerging Android developer, I must say I HATE SQLITE AND CONTENT PROVIDERS!! So much code for such little functionality! Pro Android devs, does the process get any less tedious down the road with more experience?

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    It does, once you have a nice codebase where you can just copy paste from
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    Dunno what's the second thing, but sqlite is cool. If you want it fast, just create the tables with gui and dump the sql to string. It's not that time-consuming to make a class for handling sqlite omg...

    And then there's always json.
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    If you're familiar with LiveView ViewModel and Lifecycles well enough look up Room by Google. You'll still have to write a little SQL, but content providers will be marginally reduced...
    There's a couple Code labs available on Developers.google.com, lifecycle aware components and Room by Google.
    Trust me, development becomes way more fun with Reactive MV* type ViewModeling.
    Or, you can always use Realm for your open source projects
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    @Cybersapien I'll have to check that out. I actually used Realm and I liked it, but I'm doing a project on Udacity and they rejected my app because I used Realm instead of Sqlite. Now I have to refactor and it's such a pain
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    @OutdatedPC Ah, on Udacity projects you'll need SQLite and Content Providers. Which one are you pursuing? Android Basics or Android Developer Nanodegree?
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    @Cybersapien I completed the free Basic courses all ready. Now I'm working on the Android Developer Nanodegree.
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