I'm juste laughing .

I just can't.. Ok :

1. I pay for 1Gb down, 750 Mb up.

They usually provide 10% more.

So did already post speed tests here.

Now for uknown reason, my download went to 600 Mbps.

Not a big deal, I I still called ISP.

After all tests done, they bumped my conexion. And even with bump I still have obly 550 Mbps.

That upload is insane. And i'm pretty sure it's limited by my only 2.5 Gbps card

Fort lazy :


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    I know of a streamer that lives in the middle of a village. The down speed is awful coz of the lack of infrastructure, but he was able to negotiate with the internet provider to get him mad upload speed basically for free coz he’s the only one using it
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    Ohhh Caanadaaa
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    Got their wires mixed, I guess :)
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    @netikras got their streams crossed?
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    Oh, pure joy of limited internet speeds because of your hardware.
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    @hack For upload, yeah I think 2.5 Gbit card caps out.

    Not for download.

    I'll wait to see if I still have this 2Gbits upload in a month, if yes, i'll invest ion 10 Gbit card (Router has a 10 Gbit port)
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    @hack 20 days in.

    Speed is still here.

    But I checked 10Gbit card, shit is expensive

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