Just off the meeting where the CEO told the company's closing in ~1.5months -.- and I still have a list of things to finish before they go into "freeze" mode, so the company will continue when they get more investments which might take months/year+

Now I've ~1.5months before im homeless coz im on a visa here, add to that the tech-recession, fuccccccccccccccck my life -_-

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    Sorry to hear that. I hope you will find a solution soon.
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    how's that visa thing work?
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    That's awful. I always feel bad for people when they're "let go", but it has to be especially difficult if you need a visa to work in the states. I worked with a guy who always had to get his visa renewed. Seemed like a constant pain in the ass. Best of luck. Know that there must have been a good reason someone wanted you here in the first place!
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    @estlacksensory ikr, Im in Asia though, but im guessing US would be a few notches even higher in the "troublesome" metre
    @netikras So ideally the visa works until it expires which in my case is end-of-2023. Had I simply been let go, it'd be okish coz I could take a risk of scraping by until I get another job, but company closing is way more problematic
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    @azuredivay I think you can find a new US job in that time, but keep in mind Canada is way easier to move to
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