First day working with drupal and i already dont want anymore.. my first cms tho but i hate cms'

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    That's why i write my own one while we are talking =D full control and only those features i really need...
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    Drupal is one of my worst work related experiences...
    It only make you accept that there people out there that want to destroy your mental health... The ios dev/deploy workflow is an other exemple...
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    Your first cms should have been WordPress.
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    Yeah... the last wordpress installation i experienced had major security issues... turned out, that both joomla and wordpress on that server got hacked at the same fuckin time. Typo3 is the real shit, but instead of learning typoscript you can just write something in PHP yourself tbh
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    I just remembered; ive been working with another cms too 😂 its Grav and i like it pretty much tho 😅 but my boss wont let me work with it :(
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