Gonna get some shut eye so I can do an all nighter, but not for code, need to watch the election results. (UK).

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    Labour, LOL. Great bants. No really. Excellent banter.
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    Actually, I don't get why you should lose your hours of sleep. I don't get elections at all. Voting for the least worst of the candidates? That happens in my country btw. Wth! Just go to sleep already!
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    @lostinmyworld normally I would, but this is about reversing the selling off of our ("free") national health service and providing education for free amongst many other things. Theres a lot at stake here, and we finally have a decent politician, a bit like Bernie in the USA. He has to win or we are all fucked!!!
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    Here we go... Typical Labour rhetoric.

    People have been saying the Conservatives will sell off the NHS for over 10 years. Has it happened? No.

    Labour just say stuff they think people want to hear, then can't tell anyone where they're getting that money from. Completely dilusional.
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    Want to vote for Corbyn but I live in a safe Tory seat. Going tactical.
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    Election Corbyn: WE'RE KEEPING TRIDENT.
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    This rant should be removed because of the tag. Keep political crap out of here.
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    @Fydrenak Sorry, you are right. Anyone know how I can remove it?
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    What election?
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