intellij is the dumbest fucjing appo to exist

jetbrains is a retarded company and its why noboody fucking likes them

an editor shouldnt be 1000 gigabytes fuckjingbig and it shouldnt be impossoible to find out how to fucking delete a project

fuck you jetbrains

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    I don't understand why products have to add shit once they achieve some sort of success. I watched Acronis go from a top tier backup solution. Then turned into utter shit that part of the features didn't work. Then I discover Aomei and it cheaper and has the main "just works" features. But even some of their shit they add is broken or fragile. Stick to a core product please.
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    Pycharm didn't used to be so bad
    Vscode handles python better tho
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    @Demolishun I don't know about the companies you mention but in IntelliJ's case, they need to keep adding features in order to justify their pricing and the way their licenses expire.
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    First time I hear that nobody likes jetbrains... So far I've only been hearing the opposite

    how to delete a project? How about rm -r?
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    Are you sure you aren't confusing Jetbrains and IntelliJ with something else?

    I am quite satisfied with Rider, PyCharm and PHPStorm. Only thing not best-of-market about them is their licensing/pricing. Their IDEs are the only non-free software on my main PC running Gentoo Linux.
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    @netikras jetbrains rider was the first time i've ever even considered that "paying for an IDE" might be something not completely retarded.
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    @oiledwheels Android studio was developed by google from community IntelliJ project and it was rushed, so here is your answer.

    I'm using JB ide's every day, I tried alternatives with a open mind but for me at least, JB products are just better.

    My most used IDE's are IntelliJ, CLion, WebStorm and DataGrip
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    RubyMine is hot garbage with some shiny features.
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    @oiledwheels I agree that JetBrains IDEs are not the fastest, but for the functionality they offer I have not found a good alternative.

    But also I only use them for coding, for modifying single files and configs I just use vim.
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