How it should be 😌✨

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    This gave me an idea:

    You write your description of a meme and it creates it for you as an image.
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    @Lensflare don’t wait. Start building it now!
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    Not sure if NFT and metaverse shouldn't be swapped.
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    @happygimp0 not really no.

    In Fact NFT is pretty much abandoned by artists, and the meta's metaverse thingy is basically in limbo.

    Then again nobody in the world of VR cares about meta anymore, and like in good old days, everybody is looking over to japan and their VR Industry.
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    The World Wide Web is the metaverse.
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    @Oktokolo When Zuck said Metaverse, he meant online 3D VR world, though. Well, that idea is on verse of drowning now.
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    Why do you people use this picture?
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    Let me guess the pic on the left is the childhood of the people who choose this photo
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    @AvatarOfKaine You know because we are chomos in this time period and we repeatedly imitate those who raise whores and rape others.
    (Something like that, lol)
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    @daniel-wu Doesn't matter what Zuck wants. The actual metaverse aspect is that you can have a relatively uncontrolled space where people can seamlessly wander around, meet other people and visit private and public sites. The Zuckerberg's idea doesn't have all that. But the Web does.

    I don't think, the user interface really matters. In the future it might be a brain-computer-interface and we would surf by thinking. Some people would then maybe neither see, nor hear the web - but just know it like you don't hear or see your thoughts.

    But if you think, it has to be classic VR - fine, Second Life exists since 20 fucking years and while not being an independent space (LindenLabs owns all the servers), it has VR with sortof acceptable graphics.

    No matter what, the Zuckerberg is at least twenty years late.
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    @Oktokolo what Zuck is also missing is organic growth. He wants this to grow and be molded in his image.

    This would involve people accepting his ideas on how things in the meta verse might work. And people just aren’t willing to do that.
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    @Lensflare kind of figured
    Like the look of someone struggling for air and crying.

    Nice to see they can admit it
    Now suck it. Some more.
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    @DreEleven That is actually something, the Zuckerberg has sortof done right: Like in Second Life, you can design and run you "own" space in their "Metaverse" - it's just that people don't see any reason to, because Second Life does everything better and already has the communities.
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    @Oktokolo I see but Second Life grew organically and wasn’t being forced. Also many promises were made in regards to Zuck and his Metaverse and in the eyes of shareholders maybe hardly any of those were realized
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    @DreEleven I doubt that you could actually grow a pure second life competitor organically right now. The market still is pretty small and who wants that sort of experience already uses Second Life.

    Back in 2003 it would have been possible. But now, you somehow have to get users to switch or open up new target groups if you want to grow. The aggressive monetization of Zuckerberg's version obviously doesn't help attract users...

    But most important is, that if you are a new VR user looking for a social metaverse experience, you wouldn't prefer the barren "Metaverse" over Second Life which already has all the other people.

    For organic growth, you need the unique selling point that seems to be worth entering a barren place as a new VR user or switching over from Second Life. Not sure, what that would be.
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