An uncle of mine, owns an NFT/Betting startup (early 30s, so no veteran and no doesn't know much coding).
Got 3-4m USD as investments.

It's an utter garbage "app" that he knows will die in an year, and he's drawing big salary and buying properties from the funding until he has the "runway" of funds remaining while app/company works in the background

What bugs me isn't that he's feasting on some random investors' petty change, but that such "ideas" get money thrown at them while ive seen 100s of more fun ideas/apps back in uni-days that died in obscurity when people graduated and retired them as projects, being talked about in 1 liner in their CVs.

This world ain't right :v

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    your uncle is a gem guy who has cracked the code of capitalism and don't give 2 shits about world or anyone else.
    or he is just a lucky , sinister fella soon to get imprisoned for fraud
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    Consider that, for everything evil you do, the price will be paid in full in the non-determined future.
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    Sounds like Tuesday to be honest. Not the first and not the last.
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