I always wonder why the IT guys seem to be short tempered when dealing with dev related issues.
Now I understand...

For a few days I have to help my colleague setting up his new project and dear Lord...
I thought I have enough patience because I am a woman...

This guy is very very junior, I couldn't get any input/ideas from him when debugging
Dear god, help us because I am the only one with enough experience in this project.

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    I think I've more patience than you. I trained a new guy that when I asked him to search something on google, he typed "google" in chrome bar then he chose the first result.

    Another guy I'm actually setting up the environment works remotely and there's a delay of ~1min between when I say to click a button and when I actually see it clicked, and I spend the last 4 hours like this
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    😭😂 OMG I don't know how you do it.

    If I don't have a short deadline, I probably will have more patience.

    This guy I tutor, know some dev stuff but definitely not on level required for this complicated project. Oh man, this is going to be fun ðŸĪŠ
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    @crisz how can you live and maintain your sanity?
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    @bigmonsterlover that second statement is not true. Ex stoner here (quit for almost half a year now) but damn I remember well... Even when I was stoned to the bone working I still could get worked up so hard with people I would rage and go berserk.
    Some people are in "IT" for the wrong reasons and are always hard to deal with, regardless of your/their state/situation/expertise/knowledge...

    You end up drained, whatever you do.
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    "I thought I have enough patience because I am a woman" - that's some sexist stereotypes right there.
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    @bigmonsterlover ahahaha I can't say it's not true
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    @NeatNerdPrime after throwing away half of the day, I delegated the setting up to another coworker and I went back to my business
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    I feel like we should find a way to get a load of smart people together and make some cool shit.
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    Some are just lazy
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    @crisz technically he followed directions lol
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