I have had this conversation well too often:

- (him/her) Do you mind helping me with this problem I have on my computer ?
- (me) Sure, what is it ?
- (him/her) *proceeds to explaining the problem*
- (me) Ok, I don't know about this particular thing, you should try googling it.
- (the pissed off version of him/her) Never mind, I'll find someone who's willing to help me.

Please stop taking that as me not caring about your problem.
Googling things is basically what I do all day as a developer.
You really should try it. That thing is actually pretty useful.

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    Yeah, people reeeally don't understand what a search engine is for
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    Never worry about such people. Not worth the time
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    I bet 90% of all help desk / tech support questions could be handled if people would take the 2 seconds it takes to do a search! Makes me wonder how often customer support just googles questions or have googled so many things they just know how to fix said problems.
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    I thought I was the only one!! My mother does the same.
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    I want to send a LMGTFY link to every single one of them. Especially if their problem is the top link in the search results.
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