Always use an editor with color syntax highlighting. About 20 years ago I spent 3 days and nights debugging something that was a simple typo error. Since then I always use an editor with color syntax highlighting.

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    20 years in the game?! I'm humbled.
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    What language was it?

    Turbo pascal had syntax highlighting 1987 and 1990 visual basic came, also with highlighting.

    On linux I think vim had the same around then to.
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    @Voxera it was HTML/PHP. And I indeed started using vim shortly after
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    @Rocco I like vim, it was for a long time the only editor to highlight embedded variables in php strings.

    But I do lack modern ide's intellisence.
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    Oh my, your avatar looks so young ;)
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    @theScientist well they do but you can almost always find one with highlighting. Intellisence is not as common in editors, thats more of an ide thing.

    But when I have to do something on one of the linux machines I do not have any good ide to work with so its vim for the win ;)
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    I am color blind.
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