4+ years ago, in an interview, I was asked if I was familiar with keeping backups of my code on Google Drive.

When I asked them to explain what that is, they said that after a deployment, they make a ZIP file of the project and keep it on Google Drive.

When I asked about using GitHub/BitBucket they said they don't know what that is and neither do they intend on using it.

So yeah .....

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    And they maintain the copies on their local drives until deployment?
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    @asgs They download the last one they deployed, build on it and deploy it, then zip it and that's another code backup on Google Drive.
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    - we don't do version control here
    - kthxbye
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    You can be their messiah and enlighten them (with asking for a significant amounts of money)... or you can run far away from them. I think it's better to choose the latter.
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    @kamen Yeah it was 4 years ago and it's unnecessary to state but I didn't accept the job lol lmao 🤣
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    Of course we do version control: After you have done a ticket, you bring the stack of cards to the continuous integration department and they will take care of compiling and testing the code for you...
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    Probably living in 80s
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    i mean, if you're on your own, and you work on some random personal project, sure. But i assume they're working with whole teams on multiple projects, that are going on prod..
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    At least they don't store memory sticks in a storage room
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    @thebiochemic even if it is personal project, it is not acceptable for software development

    Using Google drive for backups with zip archives is acceptable only if you are still a student, or even just in school.
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    @darkwind i'd say that depends on the size. I personally wouldn't waste any time with version control whatsoever, if the program i'm writing (for myself, on my own) is less than 1k LoC and not very complex.

    The moment, someone else joins, or it is exceeding enough LoC, or complexity, it ofcourse makes sense.
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    @thebiochemic 50 loc is my threshold. :) And even amount below that is worth to git save. Scripts can very important part of repository stuff.

    Probably stuff above 5-10 LOC i save then
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