This sums it up.

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    If something is 1 px off compared to a psd in photoshop, you increase the padding or margin by 1 px till it matches. Sometimes you go fancy and add a 1px transparent png.

    If you need to support old IE Versions than you also learn to leverage ranting and drugs to cope with the crap you have todo.


    You make a new angular project and do npm install. When this is done you downloaded shitty quality libraries without end. Some speculate you also archived the internet.
    No problem it takes so long you will for sure read everything there is about it, while you download... aehm archive the internet. Then u see npm library isOdd/isEven and are scared that you might become as stupid as people that use libraries for modulo 2.

    No matter how or when u started you either become a stupid isOdd/isEven lib user or you claim yourself full stack (know nothing but doesn't only want to push pixels) or you go into backend development and say fck this shit.

    It's a joke btw.
    I went backend if you care
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    That's depressing. I've seen bad but not that bad. These people are an insult to the profession. But really, the joke's on the people who hired them and give even less shit. Unless the pretender is also a skilled manipulative sociopath. I have experienced that exception by the way
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    First that “dev” should learn basic grammar! And it would’ve been a smarter move for the “dev” to google what a front end developer does and not expose this glaring flaw on a public forum lol. Hopefully this creature will have lighting fast learning abilities and learn what the role is for and how frontend development works before the team “finds out” but I strongly doubt it lol….
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    this has annoyed me
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    Well someone has to begin the fronts first. Then your job is simple. You just end them.
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    *push* Pass on this question.
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