Started learning django..
Backend! here I come..

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    You can always switch to our ASP.net platform, when you need the best alternative.
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    Nice try, Microsoft
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    Django is very powerful ,I've been using it for my recent projects.things to remember .you might not understand some of these pointers but you can always use it for future reference.
    1)you can't write pure Python in your templates,check out the Django template language.
    2)make sure your URLs.py file has the URLs you want to go to.
    3)just for future reference.in your views.py if you ever want to pass a model into your template.make sure you define the model within your view function and not in the global scope
    4)try using bootstrap with Django.
    5)make sure you put all your js and CSS files in your static folder and not with your templates
    6)always make migrations and migrate after you make any change to your model.
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    I love Django, it's a really nice way to get into backend! You don't even need to be an expert at python to make something cool!
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    What kind of stuff is it best suited for? Heavy computing? Fast networking? Or something else?
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