So I got this message months ago, did a screenshot then, thought it's a good idea to share it with you.

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    How and why...

    Mostly why
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    Nice vbscript you got there
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    @DjSall Oh if it would be only a script..
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    Why is it called system32? Even on 64bit systems.
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    The heck
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    @mystiksky is that a giant Ness head?
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    From a superuser answer:

    "Backwards compatibility reasons. A whole lot of applications assume things they shouldn't assume and hard-code paths. And yes, that includes 64-bit applications. So on 64-bit Windows the folder system32 actually contains the 64-bit versions of DLLs. For the 32-bit DLLs there is the folder SysWoW64 which is what 32-bit applications see as system32"

    Apps are hard coded!
    Are you fucking kidding microsoft!!
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