My experience with Adobe...
(I recently moved to Canada)

Me: I want to give you money. (Tries to pay with Canadian card)

Adobe: Sorry, you have a US account, you must use a US card.

Me: Okay, what are my options to pay with my Canadian card?

Adobe: We have to delete your US account and create a Canadian one.

Me: Okay... Why can't you just switch the country from US to Canada on my account?

Adobe: *bullcrap response*

Me: Okay, delete it and transfer everything.

*Kicks me out of the chat.
*I log back in. Try to reconnect to customer service chat.

Adobe: AdobeID unable to participate in chat.

*I'm 30 minutes into this ordeal

Me: (to myself) I could literally torrent this program in 5 minutes 🤔

Lesson: if a company wants people to not torrent their software make it easier for a willing fucking customer to buy your software!

Since the chat doesn't work anymore, I called customer service and am still on hold.... 😤😤😤

Why does the internet have borders?

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    write it in an email and send them.
    tell them you will be using a different solution untill they contact you to resolve the problem.
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    Bought the Adobe shit when they still shipped it the old way, DVD manual and serial number.
    Can't see myself ever buying anything else on this subscription model.
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    Guess why I cracked all Adobe products I need? Because of shit like this.
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    On a Mac there is now a plethora of other software out there.
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    I acted so shit to them after the subscription shit that they made.

    I use all their softwares for free, plus i have login with adobe creative suite to them and download their fonts, plugins, mockups all for free.

    And sent them a pic of my all free goodies, with my real email address, told them if they block me, i will make an account generator for this method so people uses it.
    And lately i sent them a screenshot of there customer service who hangs the chat in my face, when i was willing to buy!
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    We are the devs. We know how this shit is happening. Stupid product team, stupid managers and an idiotic sales team.

    Punish those people - pirate.

    The devs will still receive their salaries but the double-digit-iq people, like sales, won't gwt their bonuses.
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    I just use a portable already cracked version... Fk Adobe and their prices. At least Microsoft gives away (or very cheap) products for students, for example
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    @nickhh Can I have a large list? 0o
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    And this is why we need FoIP
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    Is it really easy to crack Adobe products? I must've spent 2 hours trying to pirate Adobe Animator once.

    Also the student discount is shit. The price for one product normally is the price for all products for students, but no discounts on individual products. I can't afford this bullcrap.
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    @dzil123 one word: AmtEmu
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    Same here in France coming from Belgium. And PayPal forced me to create a French account...
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