Wrapping up a project, I am cleaning code to give the customer the source code. The project had lasted over a year. I joined the team a few months back and it frustrated me how messy the code was. In my previous teams, any new resource was told to stick with the rules, and eventually they became embedded in them. The case seemed opposite here. Developers who wrote clean code became lax (they made me even more pissed).

Now I have the job of getting rid of warnings, formatting issues etc and I do not say this lightly, but, there was no fear of god in anyone who worked on this codebase. The code formatting I have seen makes me wanna...

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    Should've enabled precommit and pre remote push hooks to enforce the discipline

    Do you guys follow the pull request workflow?
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    @asgs Yes, we do. That's how it works in all teams. That was how it was in this team too but as long as the code worked, PRs kept getting approved.
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    I can relate to your pain... Can you believe one of my colleagues actively argues against code formatters..?

    Honestly, I can't even understand his logic well enough to paraphrase it for someone else..

    None of them bother to merge back into master (main, whatever), and they constantly create release tags on open ended development branches that are, again, never merged back into master.

    It's beyond painful.. I'm just waiting for the day that the pain is bigger than the bills (or I land a better job), then I'm fucking flying like a free bird.
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    "there was no fear of God in anyone who worked on this codebase."
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    I hear automatic code refactoring tools (in safe mode) and code reformatters are the quickest way to tidy source. Can run in batches or all at once and be done with it
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