I made 3 designs (more like proof of concepts) 2 months ago for a certain feature request.

2 months ago:
I presented to the CTO & CEO and the senior developer.
Senior developer prefers design A
CTO prefers design A with some very minor changes
CEO prefers design C with some major changes (ok, at this point is it more design D)
CTO & senior dev tried to argue for his idea but gave up.
So we decide to implement Design D

Customers complained that the designs is not clear (UX-wise)
CEO: "I have the idea to make some adjustments" and explained design A.

This happens pretty much for every other feature request since I started doing designs for new features. Previously they implemented it without designs.

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    Show initiative by coming up with some minor improvements mid-developement, and showing CEO design A again :-D
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    Only show em the good design next time.
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    I would rub it in his face, to lower his ego a bit. There's no sense that he should overrule majority vote.
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    Is this why we can't have nice things?
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