Went from using Slack every day at the last job, to now using Google Hangouts. It sure does it job, but damn it feels like 2013. I know.. Dumb stuff to rant about

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    You're lucky, my company uses a combination of Skype For Business and Microsoft Teams.

    They're both absolutely awful.
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    You're lucky. Switched from Slack to Hipchat, I feel I'm back to the Jurassic...
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    @Zaphod65 wow, I didn't even know people actually used Skype for business
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    @meseguer1998 afaik most big, western corporates use it. companies of which I know include Accenture, SAP and Airbus.
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    @Zaphod65 my company works with Teams and I have to admit, within a fully microsofted environment I enjoy using it.
    Only criticism is, that you can't change the font size, so using it on the tiny laptop screen while working on big main screen is not possible.
    When they resolve that, I can't see anything wrong with it.

    Can't talk about Skype for business though (although a colleague didn't get their flight one time and could still partake at a meeting while sitting in a cab with reasonably high quality, so there's that)
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    @Zaphod65 we have been trying out teams and...it's missing so much. It's getting better, but way too slowly.
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    We just talk to each other in the open floor office... And then some other idiot complains that it's too loud. FFS wear earphones or something if you are so sensible!
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