I want to be a full stack developer, but should I learn front end or back end first? Or it doesn't matter?

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    You can learn JS, HTML, CSS, and PHP at the same time, which seams like the best approach to me. After you've gotten to an intermediate level, I'd go with the learn by doing strategy and make an all-out website. (ex. a social media website). When you make your "all-out" website, learn backend programming, too. Use Java, Golang, etc, to learn about how things work, and how to do them (ex. Encryption, databases). Obviously this website would be just for learn purposes but, when you make a résumé, it'll look pretty damn good.
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    @calmyourtities got it, thanks
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    @calmyourtities js and php are backend language dude
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    @Mrtins after u learn all of the frontend (html, css,jquery(js framework), i recommend u to learn js deeply if u want to make realtime web app and after u did that start learning node.js, vue.js or react js. i think golang more faster for the server-side language, but js has more big opportunities if you want to get job as web developer
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    @fidellr JS isn't without nodejs, and I know PHP is backend, but I thought it would be good to learn with front-end languages because you can actually embed it on the page.
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    @fidellr "js is backend"

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    @RazorSh4rk i think, all of the backend it has looping, conditional statement and others.. am i wrong?
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    Also, @Mrtins don't be in any rush to learn any frameworks, by the time that you finish learning backend, another one might be popular.
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    You need to learn html/css either way. I started with php but i suggest you learn js and use it on both sides. It's much easier that way and really effective.
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    What would I suggest:
    1. Make a website with HTML,Css,Js.
    2. Make a website using WordPress and make your own theme and plugin in PHP.
    3. Take on a huge project like creating a website builder or a social network in php.
    4. Create an HTML CSS js client and transfer all data using Json in ionic and electron.
    Awesome now you can make an app that works on web, any mobile and any OS as desktop app.
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    Hahaha this made me laugh so hard!
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