iOS vs android? And why?

I start: iOS cause I'm an iOS dev and I hate how the OS of android works (not saying that iOS is perfect)

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    Android because I use Android and can't afford iPhone (& termux?) And this
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    And this
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    Tabs or spaces ?
    I like tabs because its 4 spaces
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    @singh029 you have spotlight, you can just swipe down and type the name of the app you want
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    @sam9669 tabs, but different discussion here XD
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    Okay! I think it's time to write paragraph!
    Personally I love both!
    I have both iOS and android!

    When it's comes to customization android is best!
    And battery optimisation in android sucks! Did any one calculate those battery usage percentage!? It never sums up to 100% (wtf). You know nobody cares for design language (sometimes myself). Android app size is very small(when compared to the same iOS app).

    In iOS no customisation (wtf)
    Battery optimisation is excellent!
    Software and hardware combination is best (even the pixel :)).
    Most of the developer follow the design language!
    Beautiful user experience!
    They release software update to most of the goddamn compatible phones (++).

    All the os present have their own pros and cons!
    It's up to the user to choose :)
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    @elonmusk you speak the truth!!! Give this man more ++ (seriously, he is spot on)
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    I dont care about the customization shit, i choose ios because it stable, 0% lagging and beautiful design. Performance more important for me.
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    @elonmusk made excellent points.

    But also, it depends on want and need. If you want something that just works how it's designed to work and have no interest in using it for more than what it is, go iOS. If you want something to dig into, tweak, even break and fix, go with Android.

    I've used both and prefer Android, but iOS is pretty slick and the devices are very nice. That said, I love my Pixel and it's the first Android I've not dicked around with.
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    Also, just to show my age a bit, WebOS was the shit. It's a shame they dropped the ball.
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    I think my opinion is going to be a little biased because I'm not a fan of the app store system.

    But I'd have to say I like Android more and what I have experienced with my iPhone 5 @elonmusk, the battery life is absolutely horrible lol, doesn't more than a few hours. Compared to my OnePlus 3, though in saying that it could be that the iPhone is old vs. my new Android phone.

    Other real reasons are I guess the customisation, not a lot for iOS and any customisation is done through jail breaking the phone. Android has tons of this you can do without any real change to the phone.

    I guess the last point since I don't want this to be too long is developing for both, iOS has a long process vs. Android of getting it on the app/Google play store, and the hurdles I had to jump through for testing for iOS vs just getting an .app for Android.

    I have more but it's way too long lol.

    I guess though up to what it looks like I'd never judge an iOS user because I use Android just wish the same.
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    @sam9669 Richard Hendricks
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    iOS because swift is a beautiful language to work with. Can't stand android Dev with java. Havent tried kotlin but it looks better.
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    Android because devolving for iOS is more pain in the ass than Android. At least that's what I've been through these three months
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