Person: "I'm using Ubuntu. It's my first time using Linux. It looks pretty nice and it works for me."
People: "Eww. Loser. Ubuntu sucks! I'm a Linux god."

Person: "I think PHP is fine and has improved."
People: "Yikes. Don't use PHP. Everyone hates it."

Person: "I like using Angular. It gets the Job done."
People: "Boo! Use React. Angular sucks!"

So there you go, kids. If you wanna stay cool, listen to other people's opinion and their way of thinking. No need to really immerse and try out the tools that seem to work for you.

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    Spot on. H8rs gon h8
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    All have their downsides but for getting hit done, it just works!
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    Boo, you don't like haters, booooo
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    @Artemix I'm not a pro, recently started learning Python for personal project. I've come across many people at a lot of forums saying that php is not very secure. Just asking for my knowledge, since you are the expert here.
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    lmao 😂😂😂😂 @rantalicious
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    I hate a bit Ubuntu only because when i used it my pc become to crash every day. And i don't like the GUI of Unity, so i've explored and now i'm a 5 years Arch user with some Fedora moment.

    I will don't use Ubuntu in the future if the world would allow this, but my first Linux was Kubuntu 7... Only love <3
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    As long as we're all agreed Pascal is a POS, I'm cool.

    Tbf, it was a teaching language and I was in school so no biggy that I had to use it.

    Everyone will rip on your thing if it's not their thing... it's not the tool but the person using them that makes a job go well.
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    @SoulSkrix MEAN stack as a base... because it's relatively painless to get on board with, and end to end Javascript is actually pretty useful, one less full language to learn.
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    @Artemix I think the power of PHP is rooted in its ecosystem, both regarding packages and developers. Developers are often woefully underestimating the importance of those factors.

    I used to professionally work on a Haskell project, with one other developer, in a biochem laboratory.

    Haskell makes you cry tears of joy about its purity and grunt in respectful frustration because you know you're not worthy.

    Going back to PHP comes with its own set of troubles, but it ranks high regarding how fast you can respond to new demands.

    What I've noticed is that it's smart to build your company around PHP -- you can easily find juniors to work on the main framework and API -- as long as you build it in such a way that you can easily port parts to other (micro)services once your platform scales up.
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    Even though I am not angular nor PHP developer but fuck what people say if they get shit done for my case, I'll go learn and do it just like what I did in React, I wanted a simple website with several pages and an easy integration and I didn't want to use again Knockout as I've had enough from it's shitty implementation, for me react until I find my self in need for something else or until I discover the downside of react (still there months into react still early for me to tell what's wrong with it)
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    @GrizzlyMagnum every language is insecure if you don't know what you are doing.
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    @jmacmi2 it's an engineer that chooses the right tool for the job, that makes the job go well.
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    @jmacmi2 if an engineer only knows one language, then it's impossible for them to choose the right tool for the job. People who build houses do not benefit from only knowing how to use a hammer.
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    I love PHP, JS and WordPress and people always try to out play me by ranting about how Python is better, and how this is that.
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    @eisterman I tried some time ago 16.04 with gnome. It works better for me and seems to work faster in general than on unity. It looks good especially with dash to dock and other gnome modifications. I think it is worth trying :).
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    @NoPartiesGuy Ubuntu and GNOME with the good extensions are a very good deal, but now with Arch it's another world. Less usability, more"everything else" (and a package manager called PACMAN *-*)
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    Reminds me of that south park episode of when they were a day behind the fads.....
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