So I have been recruited to do some IT ish work for a local business. I have been offered a couple of hundred bucks to take a set list of programs off of about 40 pcs. All windows. Sounds like the perfect job for a script, not my specialty. So what might be the best method? Using a batch script to CD to the respective directories and just DEL the folders for the target programs?

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    Are they all domain joined machines ? Active Directory group policy is pretty powerful.
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    Powershell is your friend on win.
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    @juneeighteen they are all just randomly configured machines. No rhyme or reason to their configs.
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    @CCTrollz PowerShell wins ... hands down.
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    @ClemFrieckie they never said it had to be a clean removal. They just want the proprietary software removed while leaving things like MS office. The plan is to sell them afterward. I suggestioned a full wipe or destruction of the HDDs but nope.
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