I am sure this has happened to all of us in some extent with some variations.

Colleague not writing comments on code.
Ask him something like "How am I suppose understand that piece of garbage you have written when there is no comments or documentation?"
This keeps happening for a long time. Some time after, I write a kernel module using idiomatic C and ASM blocks for optimizations (for some RTOS) and purposely not write neither documentation nor comments.
When he asked for an explanation, I answered to everything he questioned as general as I could for "that trivial piece of code".
After that he always documents his code!
Win! 🏆

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    Welcome to devrant! and good going, he learned something.
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    Thank you! I really like it here! Feels like home. @magicMirror
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    Welcome to devRant!
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    I used to work on a team with a guy like that.

    He claimed that if you couldn't understand the code without comments then you are too stupid to understand the basic concept behind the code and the comments would only serve to clutter his otherwise perfect code.

    He got shouted at a lot.
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