I find i enjoy programming so much better to program on a desktop rather than a laptop.

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    That's a common feeling. For me I need a good keyboard and dual monitors.
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    @sandipsubedi can you explain me why are dual/multiple monitors so beloved?
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    @meseguer1998 yeah, productivity is the main reason. Debugging is a lot easier. Also, I can code on one screen see the display on other. I can search on one screen and code on other ! Many reasons 😁
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    @meseguer1998 imagine having your IDE open in one monitor, in the other you have your database, reference pages / stack overflow, local running copy of the site, requirements docs, or half a dozen other goodies, no need to flip back and forth between all this while coding and having to reference other things. Personally, I've been arguing for a triple monitor setup at work, as with two I still spend too much time bouncing between what windows are at the forefront.
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    A good keyboard, a good screen, a good physical posture :)
    And coffee or whatever is your poison
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    As long as you don't cover the camera I'm happy
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    It's nice to not hurt your neck looking down to the screen
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    Totally Agree. My Quad Monitor setup is much more efficient than one or two screens.
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    @RevThwack i went for 3. Overkill to some, perfect for others. Number of monitors is like hard drive space, the more you have, the more you will feel. (Albeit with unnecessary things, occasionally)
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