Kidding I hate that pile of crap :/

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    I find it funny that Microsoft ++ this rant LOL
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    @Apple should ++ this rant too
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    @matsaki95 sometimes I have this problem, @dfox here another case
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    @busuu why are you not hating it! Bro you can't refactor,extract methods, use it without crashing 1000000 times a day. It's like chrome it needs tooooo many resources, I've seen it on a Mac book pro and it is damn fast but on a regular iMac if not SSD then it is a pile of shit. Check my rants if u wanna know why xcode is bad for developers 😔
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    @busuu it crashes a lot for me, and sometimes just decides the device plugged in is either locked or not the right type of device. (I can't get more ram for this mac)

    Then there are things like it recommending I update my project and it completely breaking it in the process (has legacy code that I still don't 100% nor have time to fix) I did that update once and it was irreversible (lucky I had a backup)

    I guess as a tiny annoyance no default dark theme.
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    @busuu it's shit but eventually you will end up with an app. You have two choices: Mac mini with a 21" screen (must have HDMI ) I've worked on that in a company for two years did face xcode shit but I was able to publish the app.
    In my current job I'm using a 21" iMac with same specs of that Mac mini:
    8GB RAM, core i5, 2.7GHz max frequency .

    Xcode and emulator with few tabs in Safari then Mac will become crazy
    Or Android studio with emulator and nothing else (at least my case)
    Or Android studio xcode and real devices for testing with few Safari tabs

    I'd go with an iMac as it saves space and wires
    But iMac is 1500$ while Mac mini is 800$ +140$ for screen and 10$ for keyboard and mouse if u don't already have
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    @busuu be aware u cannot add more RAM to both. Only 27" iMac unless u buys this year's iMac I think Apple allows adding more RAM if I'm not mistaken
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    @busuu well there's always xamarin, though for me never really had a choice because the whole idea was to modify an existing app but yeah you get the cheapest Mac you possibly can and wait through the loading process, my recommendation is a real device, beats an emulator any day

    @gitpush we shouldn't have to use such a crappy tool but apple is too busy marketing something like a touch bar that I hear is prone to accidental touches :/

    I had an issue with my apple Id for work and everytime there's is a new iOS update, I'd have to download the newest version of xcode which would be fine but it's around 4gb each time :/ at work with have the crappiest internet speeds and no sight of fixing it
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    @f03n1x tell me about it, it drove me crazy that I sometimes just wanna test on a real devices but no xcode wants a damn update 😒
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    @gitpush oh I forgot the iMac I have is ancient (2011 edition), luckily the guy who used the Mac before me added some extra ram I could imagine using this Mac with 4gb (or 2gb not sure what it was before)

    Gotta say the iMac actually does its job find it really is just xcode then again I don't use it for much aside from xcode and Android studio
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    Just realized it has 12 GB of RAM I guess it had 8 GB added
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    @f03n1x yup Mac mini is just great for development with 12GB all would be fine my main problem with it was 8GB if ram only :-/
    I hope xcode 9 brings some improvements especially those shitty editor and storyboard designer 😔
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    @gitpush welp I'm leaving this company and hopefully go on to do Android development or game development lol (though I expect to have to deal with Xcode if I stay with mobile development)
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    @f03n1x I don't see (at least in my country) a mobile device specialized in one platform. Though I think the right approach would be one platform only as we are not talking about tiny platforms
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    @gitpush well from the looks of the jobs I've seen developer means I need to be a master at web development and general software development, I was just hoping though that with mobile development it's be split into groups or something but I guess that's just something I'd hope for lol
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    @f03n1x ya it's a dream that never comes true :-/ why they don't understand that it's not easy to followup on two major platforms with tons of updates each year 😒
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