think all of this impulsive OS booting is burning out my old laptop,

RemixOS - partially boots then gets stuck on a black screen
Android-x86 - won't boot past a black screen either
Windows 7 - i infected that shit so quickly lmao
Windows 10 - i'm not disgracing my old laptop with that
Xubuntu - boots, but my tablet configurator dosen't start properly wrapped in wine (Shenzen HUION only has Win and Mac drivers), and i am an artist
Gamedrift - haven't tried
ReactOS - Last time i checked, it won't boot but i should try again

any other suggestions?
super low specs on that old laptop

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    Give arch linux a try and avoid dm (use ligtweight wm), or dont bother graphical env (use tty + tmux)
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    @CSaratakij I also don't really have time to mess around with Arch Linux lmao

    might get ubuntu again, as Ubuntu studio
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    @ParkCity lmao, u said its a super low spec. r u blind? ubuntu is overkill for that (unless is a ubuntu minimal)
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    @CSaratakij at least it BOOTS
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    @ParkCity try puppy linux then 😏
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    Could you give us the specs? Also, what's your use case? Default I recommend are Korora (Fedora based) or Antergos (Arch based). OpenSUSE is also really good. Solus looks really nice, or you could try GhostBSD if you want to move into the BSDs.

    Manjaro is another super nice looking distro....
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    Go back to xubuntu. It's fairly lightweight and has all the same hardware-/driver-support as the heavier Ubuntu variants. Also, pretty much the same community to get support from for most problems you might run into.
    If you have trouble with wine on that, you'll probably have trouble with wine on many other systems (assuming you can get them to run on your specs)
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