Coding on 21:9 34" is so f*cking awesome!!!

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    looks more like wasted space :)
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    seems nice using triple panes with tmux
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    Seems like a poor use of space
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    @alyx exactly this. For what purpose are those kind of monitors used, am I missing something? And of course I'm happy for the guy if he likes it.
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    @CorruptComputer I tought so but Clear Type to me allways felt unnatural with vertical orientation, even after reconfiguring it dozens of times. For side by side windows, if I'm having noncontinuous work areas (because of window borders), I would probably just use 2 monitors because most of the floating window managers better handle that kind of situations.
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    Im really looking into buying this monitor.its probably going to work well with i3 tiling window manager.
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    Great for js callbacks
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    Windows 😲😲
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    "How do you avoid the pyramid of doom?"
    "By buying 21:9 monitors"
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    My coding experience started on a 14" monitor. Sweet old days, now I find 21" HD at work to be so damn small 🙄
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