My experience while learning C#:

>trying to print an HTML element of a website to console
>doesn't work
>changes a few things in code
>runs code multiple times
>still doesn't work
>looks closely at code
>wait a second
>walks to wireless printer
>finds nearly 10 pieces of paper on the floor
>I hate myself

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    Actually printing something in C# is a one liner?
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    @daniello Yup. Doesn't even give you a dialog or confirmation; it just prints in one line lol.

    The line was HTMLDocument.Print() or something like that. I realized I was being dumb after seeing it.
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    Let me help you buddy:
    > be you
    > be learning c#
    > try to output html element to console
    > Print() should do
    > fml no output on console
    > try 10 more times
    > fuckThisShit.gif
    > throw new UnexpectedThoughtException()
    > walk to printer
    > who dumped that paper on the floor
    > me
    > stand still, considering the meaning of life
    > HateMyself.mp3
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    We should minify those rants/comments beginning with '>' to save space.
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    @Kimmax now *that's* a proper greentext format
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