The best part of being an university student?

- Microsoft Imagine
- Office 365 for free
- GitHub Student Developer Pack
- JetBrains Product Pack for Students
- Spotify for only €4.99/month (instead of €9.99)
- Discounts for tech products

And if you're lucky also Adobe CC and AutoCAD.

The worst part?

- The university

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    Where are you studying that you get Office?
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    @Artemix I personally prefer GitHub, and they offer more for students (GitLab doesn't even have that kind of subscription, they removed it)

    @potatofriend Milan
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    @potatofriend I'm pretty most European universities get free Office
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    I am pretty. But I'm also pretty sure.
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    It's a trap! They just want you to get used to their products and then...PAY. Try to use free alternatives where possible.
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    Use wps office, it's for free!
    Linux compatible, best one to render doc and docx formats
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    Freebies are awesome, but there is a certain feeling of satisfaction in not only paying for the stuff you get a lot of use out of (even being able to contribute financially to opensource projects that you feel are important), but easily being able to afford it as well.

    The latter part is what sucks about uni.
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    @sudoguy surely it's a trap, but this software is just very good. For example JetBrains makes awesome software 😁
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    Ye binding Students to their Products from early on with bulk licenses and offers for schools , was the on if the keys to Establish ms Office as the overall standard.
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    @Salmakis Yup. I used to have an account like that with everything free for download with license keys. But there i sat with my Mint laptop, libreoffice working great, Netbeans works well and GitLab is free and I love it!
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    The only one I use is from autodesk because Inventor and Autocad for free is amazing.
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